The War Factory

Military Mechanizations


A mobile battle-station, capable of transforming from massive assault tank to battle-station and back again. With sufficiently charged batteries, the vehicle can punch unstable, temporary holes in the fabric of the universe to cross onto different dimensional planes. Also serves as armored personnel carrier.  All terrain tank treads, limited flight, massive armor-piercing cannons, tunnel-drill, and powerful sensor pod make the technodrome a terror to behold.  Additionally, the geodesic dome design adds to the already impressive strength of the vehicle's armor.

Air Support

Airships provide excellent airborne transportation of troops and supplies, and excel in air to ground bombardment ("carpet bombing").  While exceedingly slow and possessing poor maneuverability, airships are preternaturally quiet and therefore difficult to detect on approach.  Unlike airships of the past, the Empire's airship fleet consist of heavily-armored zeppelins which can withstand enemy anti-aircraft fire long enough to get them over their target.  Airships are ideal for taking out enemy infrastructure, and when employed en masse can take out enemy strongholds and fortifications with their powerful bomb compliment.

Aerial Assault

(this is General Kolberg's personal command craft)

On the windy planets, such as Neptune, the Empire found it wise to set aside its tried and true assault craft, and develop vehicles that took advantage of the naturally-occurring gale force winds.  The aerial assault craft come in several classes and variations:

Thunder Hammer  

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