Fleet Admiral Turmel

Name: Turmel

Function: Fleet Admiral of the Imperial Armada

Quote/Motto: "Lets go see what that is over there. Its only a few light years off the beaten path...."

Other Names:  Scourge of the Spaceways, Oops, and Sir Lost-a-Lot

Sex:  Wouldnít you like to know?

    + Explorer of All the Unknown Territories
    + Maintenance of Law and Order throughout the Solar System
    + Command of the Dread Dreadnought Chocolate Love Stars
    + commission new spacecraft
    + keep ships already in service up to date and in good repair
    + ensure Imperial Armada and Mobilized Infantry properly trained and equipped
    + ensure Earth's dominance in the space lanes
    + protect interplanetary trade routes, ensure safe passage for commercial ships friendly to the Empire

Vital Stats:
    Strength:  Adequate
    Intelligence:  Impressive
    Speed:  on foot, 2 mph. on Chocolate Love Stars, ludicrous speed
    Loyalty:  Naturally.
    Courage:  valorous to reckless, depending on the situation
    Firepower:  classified
    Skill:  excessive

Known Powers:
    + Ability to get lost in any situation

Bio:  Dwells in the Turmel Cave, while he plans out stratagems for new maneuvers with Chocolate Love Stars. Spends time communing with nature to allow his mind to expand, furthering his ability to strategize and command.

Hobbies:  Seeing what that thing is. Walking long distances in the mountains.

Personal History:

After the Dark Times, a discouraged Turmel hung up his aviator goggles and spiffy pilot helmet for what he thought would be the last time.  For years they collected dust in an unused room in the Turmel Cave.  Turmel hiked up and down the Appalachian Trail searching for something - he didn't know what.

Until one day Turmel got the Call.  The Empire needed him again.  This time as Fleet Admiral of the Imperial Armada.

Turmel quickly mobilized the fleet, restructuring the armada to maximize coverage of the solar system while still keeping Earth secure.  He found new ways to motivate the engineers and construction crews in the shipyards.  Soon, the armada swelled with shiny new vessels to project the power of the Empire across the sector.

Weaknesses:  Interesting stuff just over there.

Current Status or Current Location:  The Turmel Cave, a den of tea and tasty food, without most modern means of communication, to allow for a focused but relaxing environment to plot out strategy against the enemies of the Empire, should they invade or Emperor Andronicus declare war. Also aids in logistical supply of Robot Warriors in Operation Quagmire.

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