"Rev." Tam

Function:  Clone Supervisor

Quote/Motto:  "Judgment, fool."

Sex:  Male


+ ensures registration and proper ID of all clones with the Imperial Registrar
+ administers the clone supplemental pay program (welfare checks for out of work clones)
+ oversees cloning vats
+ final approval of "Authorization to Clone" paperwork
+ ensures that a clone is not grown if it will take the job of a non-clone
+ organizes bi-annual clone conventions, usually at New Las Vegas on Venus.

Vital Stats:
  Strength:  7
  Intelligence:  9
  Speed:  3
  Loyalty:  6
  Courage:  6
  Firepower:  8
  Skill:  8


Known Powers:  Technokinetics (control and contortion of technology and machines)

+ Can contort machines/appliances around him to be a weapon of some kind or another.
+ Rubber stamp of approval, for rapidly approving clone request applications

Bio:  [Withheld By The Empire]

Personal History:  None given.

Weaknesses:  Lack of technology, oranges

Other:  It is unclear whether Tam is a true "Reverend" or if the moniker is simply a nickname.

Current Status or Current Location:  NYC, NY

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