Political Officer Spitler

Name:  Spitler

Function:  Political Officer

Quote/Motto:  "Jackass."

Special Abilities:  Superb military strategist.  Possesses encyclopedic knowledge of history, especially military history.

Known Armaments:
 - Socialist Sickle
 - People's Hammer
 - Moshin PPSh-41

Bio:  Everyone reports to Spitler.  Even the Emperor.  He ensures loyalty, efficiency, and execution of duty of all minions.

Weaknesses:  Spitler has no known weaknesses.


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Colonel Matthew Spitler
(a.k.a. Comrade Spitler)

"If you do not conform, you will be sent to political re-education."

Motto: "For the glory of Mother Russia!"

Function: Political Officer

Strength: 7
Intelligence: 9
Speed: 6
Loyalty: 10 (only to Mother Russia)
Firepower: 7
Skill: 9

Sex: Male

Known Powers: Political Manipulation, Political Espionage, Being a Sneaky Bastard

Responsibilities: To ensure that the Emperor and his minions live up to the political rules and regulations that were set. To carry out punishment for disloyalty and treasonous behavior. Acts as an advisor to the Emperor.

Personal History: Born almost a century ago in Moscow he grew up under the corrupt czarist empire under Czar Nicholas II. His family was murdered before his eyes during the St. Petersburg worker's revolution on Bloody Sunday, 1905. Though only a young boy his hatred for the despots and corrupt monarchs exploded. After his parents' death he grew up with distant family in the rural regions of the Ural Mountains.

When he was of age he fought during the first World War against the corrupt fascist Germany. When the Allies finally won he was sent back to his country an army captain and was assigned as a military attaché to the new Soviet government. There he saw the same ideals that was fought for in the revolution that cost himhis parents. This brought back memories of his parents' death and Spitler pledged that this government would be the one that should rule his country and in time the world.

Always seeking to strengthen his mother country, he was reassigned to the secret police. There he was given the mission to search out all that opposed the new government and "silence" them. He did very well at this particular job, was promoted to major in the Russian Army, and was soon picked for an experimental project. The details of this project are not known even to this day, but it is said that is how Comrade Spitler looks like he is in his youth although he is over a hundred years old.

The world went to war again and he fought the Nazi and fascist regimes again to the glory of Mother Russia. By the war's end, he was promoted Colonel and reassigned back to the secret police. He served there loyally until the time when the KGB was conceived.

He then asked to be posted in this new organization, and with the approval of Comrade Stalin he was reassigned. He spent a lot of time in the US doing various espionage missions, bringing back military and political secrets to the Soviet government.

When the Soviet Union collapsed in the 90's he was left in limbo, not knowing how his country would be re-made. He resolved himself to rebuild his nation in the ideals that he fought for, for over a century. Yet, no matter how he tried he could not bring back the regime that he had lived with. So, he left his country in order to search for something that could fill the void that his former country had filled. After a couple of years of searching, he found such a thing. It was the fledgling empire created by Emperor Andronicus I.

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