Reptilian Forces Supervisor Price

Function: I have been appointed to wrangle the vital troops of Rehearsalsauri, also known as Raptors (if you wish to use the Latin).

Quote/Motto: "It was a W-I-L-D R-I-D-E!"

Optional and Ceremonial Names: Mo-Tron, RFS, Lady Price-Fielding, The One From Across the Sea, Goddess Divine (to the Raptors), Reptile Enchantress, Wearer of the Ring of Idiosyncrasy, That Crazy Girl, Mo, Moe, Mau, etc...

Sex: It's been awhile, but all engines are G-O!**

Responsibilities: Wrangling and, let's face it...loving, the raptor army. Mo-Tron also performs mirth-making and entertainment duties within the Empire. The rest of her responsibilities are not to be revealed. You don't need to know. Just know that she gets things done.  Also, serving as Interim Reptilian Forces Supervisor.

Vital Stats
    Strength:  Ask Raptor No.666 about the 18 inch scar on his chest.
    Intelligence:  Beyond any human's comprehension
    Speed:  Best 5K time--23:16
    Loyalty:  Only to a few humans (and Raptor No.12)
    Courage:  10, unless large jawed sea dwellers are involved
    Firepower:  Heh. Bring me my raptor "taser", sit back, and enjoy the show.
    Skill:  10 cubed in the areas of wrangling, bizarre "picture making", Imperial dialects, diplomacy, flower arranging, rum consumption, piloting, interrogation, fencing, swing dancing, reptile whispering, stand-up comedy, Thai boxing, herbal medicine, and message writing.

Known Powers:
Ability to speak to animals--better with cold blooded creatures, superior fighting abilities with the Saber of Eccentricity, elf-like hearing capabilities, occasional invisibility, nationality shifting powers, oh, and, immortality on odd days.

Raptor taser, Saber of Eccentricity

Bio:  (Capricorn) Born into the wrong body in the wrong country and year, Mo-Tron has begun to rise above these dreadful mistakes. After working as the assistant to a witch doctor in Madagascar, Mo-Tron traveled to Tibet where she received the Saber of Eccentricity by a local shaman after her legendary interpretative dance performance. She is now worshipped as a Deity in most of Asia. She then continued her quest to fill the void in her soul and her epic journey led her to London. She occupied a building with nuns by day and by night, she drank sangria in New Cross Gate with Portuguese art students who were always high on crystal meth. Crazy days. After a short stay in a mental health facility in Iceland, where she acquired her invisibility skills, she took a teaching position in Morocco where she educated immigrants about reptilian DNA engineering. Forced into exile by religious extremists, six months later, she found herself in the Emperor's realm. After the infamous battle, known to those who fought it as "so much pain", Mo-Tron proved herself to the Emperor when she bestowed her technologically superior Rehearsalsaurus upon him as a parting gift of affection.

Weaknesses:  Penicillin, flesh eating sea dwellers, men in eyeliner, rum

Controversy:  It was rumoured that Mo-Tron was becoming a bit too physically intimate with her scaly charges, This is a great fallacy! She will not tolerate these heinous rumours of incest! Yes, she has often spent time in the raptors sleeping unit but this time was spent reading bed time stories and changing the water in their Hello Kitty humidifier. They all tend to suffer from sinus problems. Let us put this hideous story to rest!

Current Location: The Palatial Nook of Vann

**All engines are go for about 4 humans currently in existence.

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