"Good morning!  You've reached Imperial Headquarters. 

How may I direct your call?"

Operations Division:

Operations Chief:



  Custer the Greater

Day to day, nuts and bolts, well-oiled machinery that makes the Empire run smoothly.  Or appear to run smoothly.

Bureaucracy usually holds back large organizations, but the red tape of the Empire is stained by the blood of the unwise and disloyal. Forged in the fires of burning paperwork and smoldering ashes of doomed careers and the false hope of the enemy, the Operations Division is exacting and lethal in its regimental control of than rank and file of the civilian side of life in the Empire.


Departments within the Division of Operations:

A complete and exhaustive list of all the bureaus, departments, and agencies that comprise the Operations Division cannot be published on the web.
The resulting list would crash the internet as we know it.

  • Institution for the Originally Challenged
    (aka Clone Contingent)
    Regulates production of new clones; keeps close tabs on current clones.
    Dept. Head:  Clone Overseer "Rev" Tam

  • Department for Public Health
    Installs loyalty chips, signs people up for unnecessary surgeries, organizes long lines for treatment, provides its share of red tape.
    Dept Head:  Surgeon General Jernigan
  • Emperor's Harem
    Newly re-instated!
  • Brotherhood of Servants
  • Provincial Management
    Succeeding where others only seceded
  • Paratrooper-Accountant Brigade
    Auditing you by force.  Calculator.
  • Marketing Syndicate
    Making you think that you need what we're selling.
  • Imperial Vulture-Scriveners
    Your court-assigned legal representation.
  • Tax Collection
    The difference between your Gross pay and your Net pay.
  • Time Keepers
    Making sure the monorails run on time.
  • Engineering Corps.
    "Corps." is pronounced "Core," not "Corpse."
  • Central Planning
    Making sure the Empire projects a single, clear narrative.
  • Department of Administration
    Charged with slowing down Operations with red tape.
  • Interplanetary Trade Commission
    There's a new tariff in town.
  • Terraforming
    Converting lifeless space rocks into life-supporting worlds ripe for colonization.
    Department Head:  Terraforming Supervisor Diraj
  • Imperial Space Agency
    Conducting expensive, publicity-garnering research in outer space; keeps rocket scientists busy where they can't do much harm.  ISA and the shuttle program (Motto: "Our Space Program is Better than Your Space Program") serve little practical purpose beside assisting in the creation of new mattress-making materials. The program has long been a means for the Empire to inspire and unite minions to excel in the space race, an interstellar grand prix from Mercury to Jupiter and back.
  • Inter-Stellar Broadcast Alert System
    Are you afraid?  You will be.
  • Robotics Union
    Mechanical teamsters ensuring our factory robots receive fair wages, treatment, and benefits.
  • Rockelburton
    Supports the Empire's military during invasions.  Supplies supplies, builds infrastructure, profits from war.

What does the Ops Division do?  It makes sure things get done.  Someone has to collect all those tax dollars and spend your money for you.  The Ops Div is there!

Also, Ops runs boring stuff such as subways, trains, and the space elevator:

That toll you pay when you ride on the space elevator, that's the Ops Div at work.

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