Empress Noelle

(Formerly Harem Girl #2)

Quotable Quotes:

Of all minions, Noelle is in a position to have the most influence on the Emperor, but either does not realize it or does not care.  She instead chooses to spend her time acquiring additional shoes to match her handbag collection.  When she tires of shoes and handbags, which is not often, she also enjoys earrings and lip gloss.  Occasionally, she acts in a play.

Noelle's first official decree upon coronation was to disband the Emperor's harem.  This was quickly realized by all to be a good idea, as it squashed the constant threat of concubine rebellions and the subsequent unpleasantness.  Why had the Emperor not thought of this before?  Pundits still debate this topic, at great risk of Cleansing.

It is unclear if the vapid air-headedness she exudes is an act or not.

Concealed inside an innocuous Coach makeup bag is a veritable Arsenal of Doom.  She refuses to give away all the tricks of her trade, but let's just say that when she pulls out her lip gloss - WATCH OUT!  How does she keep from confusing her mascara wand from her Mascara Wand of Death?  No one knows and she won't tell.  But only one makes her lashes longer and thicker instead of shooting poison darts.

Dark chocolate
computer solitaire

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