The Empire

You have reached the online home for the intra-stellar Empire of Andronicus.

Here you will find, should you survive, all public information on our organization, methods, and means.

To put it simply, you will find much info on our commanders, warriors, and operatives; our policies; and our grand designs for this pathetic realm of Earth, her satellites, and holdings.

Want to be the next Empress?
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FORM and drop it off at Imperial HQ, the Emperor's Mansion, or your neighborhood Pizza Hut.

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It's the state-run news feed transmitted to your loyalty chips daily.

The Classic Battle of Good and Evil

At last the circle is complete.

This website is under construction. You should wait right here, staring at this screen until it is fully operational. Do not fail. Do not blink. Do not surf away!

Under construction!  What does that mean?  Profiles are being written, pictures being drawn, accountants trying to pay for it all.

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