Chief of Security, Head of the Imperial Guard

     "This conversation is not about elves.  Therefore, it does not interest me!"

     "Stand back, civilians!"


  • Head the Security-Military Division of the Empire of Earth
  • Protect Earth from outside threat
  • Maintain the peace on Earth and its territories, by force if necessary
  • Ensure Earth is the predominant military power in the solar system

Special Abilities:

  • Rapidly change clothes in a telephone booth
  • Wield a sword that is longer than he is tall
  • Clear a bar

     Originally joined the Empire as the Great One's designated necktie-tier.  With the untimely demise of Carraptor, LeTrent gladly stepped up to fill the Security Chief shoes.

     Once, he tried to overthrow the Emperor.  Another time, he put in his lot with the Veranda Society.  Later, he repented and swore undying loyalty to the Empire.  We shall see.

     Much of what we know about LeTrent is speculation and hearsay.  This much is known:  He was instrumental in the retaking of Earth and the push into the rest of the solar system.

Controversy:  When the Imperial Legions converted from human soldiers to robotic warriors, LT insisted on teaching the robots their race evolved from naturally occurring circuits and gears.  Facing a military tribunal for his heretical teachings, Mr. LeTrent was eventually exonerated.

Weaknesses:  Women

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