General Kolberg

Name:  Laura Kolberg

Function:  Commander of the Imperial Legions

"Bring me their still-pulsing laser-cores."

Sex:  Female  (Don't look so surprised. You don't think
a woman can handle the job??)

Known Powers:  Other than excellent night vision, cloaking abilities, and wings to fly, other powers are Top Secret

Vital Stats:
Strength:  10
Intelligence:  12  (You cannot be an effective military genius without a brain)
Speed:  7
Loyalty:  9
Courage:  10
Firepower:  That is Top Secret Information
Skill:  11


Commands the armies of the Empire.  Coordinates overall battle strategy, but often leads from the frontlines.  Serves on the High Council, when not out conquering new moons for the Glory.  Third member of the Security Council, the primary strategic think-tank for the Security-Military Division.

Personal History:

Laura first realized that she was going to be a leader when she was informed as a child that when your second toe is longer than your big toe it meant you were bossy and a leader. From that moment on her visions of power and leadership grew exponentially. She worked hard until one day Emperor Andy saw her on the battlefield skillfully fighting an 8 foot man and defeating him. Andy realized that she was the One to rule his armies From that moment her life has been absolute bliss.


First and so far only recipient of the Raptor Medal for services and loyalty during the Dark Times.


Often rushes into battle to save those she loves without thinking. Otherwise, no known weaknesses.

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