Name:  Sunsucking Surgeon Jernigan

Function:  Surgeon General, Chief Medical Examiner

Quote/Motto:  "Genius! Wait till I get back to my Laboratory!"

Other Names:  None Repeatable (only unspoken words compiled mainly of guttural stops and clicks)
Pirate Name:  Rouxe De Journey
Ceremonial Title:  O Faithful One

Sex:  A Sexual Being

Responsibilities:  In charge of inserting all loyalty chips into empirical citizens and lobotomizing all those not loyal to the Empire (because if you are not loyal then there must be something wrong with you and therefore we must study your brain). Also in charge of sucking the sun out of people in utero when it appears they might pose a threat (the first experiment done on Demeritress Elsbeth, 1983).

Vital Stats:
Strength:  3
Intelligence:  10
Speed:  2
Loyalty:  10
Courage:  5
Firepower:  1
Skill:  8.6

Known Powers:  Sun Sucking, I could be solar powered, or I could be saving all the sun power up for a special birthday present for the emperor . . . but no one should tell him about that . . .

Armaments:  Giant Scalpel of Doom, Brain Scoop of Grossness, Large Reflective Thingy on Head of Terror.

Bio:  Received the Empirical Peace Prize for her advances in the field of Lobotomy in 2002.

Personal History:  Born in 1983 next to Elsbeth, it was realized that she had the strange ability to suck the sun out of people in the womb. This ability also seemed to give her enormous brain power (except when it comes to spelling) and unique insight into the human body, most notable the brain. Became top surgeon in the empire by age 11.

Weaknesses:  Inability to spell, especially the word "emperor."

Other:  Jernigan gave the Emperor some worry, considering that if she is the one that inserts the loyalty chip, then she could program all citizens to be loyal to her instead of him. However, she inserted the first loyalty chip into herself and it is flawless, so she will never be able to be disloyal to the empire.

Current Status or Current Location:  Location must remain top secret as enemies of the empire want to steal the technology she has discovered!  Although it would be foolish to attack the Surgeon General as her twin sister is the Brute Squad Wench*. Good luck trying to find any of the playground bullies that destroyed her sandbox laboratory. They all mysteriously disappeared.

* It should be noted that while the Surgeon General has the ability to suck the sun out of those around her, this ability is powerless on members of her own family. The Brute Squad Wench is still operating at full sun capacity. This makes one wonder whether or not The Brute Squad Wench's Axe of Justice has any affect on the Surgeon General. Let us hope we never have to find out.

Hobbies:  I like to fly kites

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