The Imperium

The Imperium is made up of the wealthy landowners who finance the industrial-military complex that comprises the core of the mighty Empire.  You might think of them as similar to Congress of the olden times.

It is not entirely clear how much influence the Imperium has over the Emperor. Do they support his Cause financially in order to gain favor? Is their any favor gained or does the Emperor just do as he pleases? Or does the Imperium just believe whole-heartedly in the Cause enough to put not just their words behind it but also their hard-earned dollars?

At least one of the Potentate's obligations to the Imperium seems to be to report to the entire assembly at the Imperium Grand Viewing Gallery on the State of the Empire and his plans for the future.

The Imperium gathers to discuss policy

The current leader of the majority party is Praetor Palmer, the first female praetor in the Empire's illustrious history.  Palmer is the head of the Opposition Party, currently in power.

The Anti-Opposition party is led by Consul Pytell.

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