L E S S O N S   F R O M   H I S T O R Y

The Empire has an interesting history that is full of rich examples from which all minions can learn.  This page is under construction.


Temple of the Dossai

For years they were thought to be only a myth, but for over a millennia the Dossai have battled the evil Veranda Society. Long ago, the Loyal Order of the Dossai secretly sent the mystic sword known as the Raptolier into our dimension to protect the powerful weapon from falling into the wrong hands.  The Dossey was dispatched with the weapon to serve as its protector.  In accordance with the prophecy, he awaited the Chosen One who would take possession of the Raptolier, wage a war against the Verandan cult, and ultimately destroy the Society.

He did not have to wait very long.  The Veranda, without warning, breached the dimensional barriers and entered Earth realm. The deadly Veranda Society, intent on conquering the planet, established its initial cult branch in Buies Creek, the site of a crucial dimensional crossroads, and began its takeover of Earth.

Dossey contacted his brothers in the Loyal Order, but due to the logistics of interdimensional realities the Temple of the Dossai was unable to enter the crossroads as long as the Veranda maintained its presence in Earth realm.  The Veranda Society had counted on this.  With the Earth realm in its possession, the Veranda would easily overpower the Loyal Order, destroy the Temple, and dominate both Earth and the realm of the Dossai.  What was to be done?  Dossey could not battle the Society alone.  All seemed hopeless.


Buies Creek

The young Andy, unaware of his destiny, arrived in the Creek to learn at Ballard University, the academy there.  Little did he know the evil that dwelled in the waters of the stream.  How could he know the darkness that lurked in the hearts of people there?  He was naive and young!  But he soon learned the Ways of the World....

Andy had natural charisma, and attracted more attention to himself than was healthy in this dangerous land.  Jealous entities moved against him.  One of Andy's friends was a man named Dave, a sword-smith and armorer.  One day, while visiting Dave in his shop, while the armorer was distracted, Andy stumbled into a backroom of the forge, and discovered a weapon hidden there.  It called to him without words.

When Dave found Andy in the room, he was about to rebuke the lad, but then his eyes widened at the sight he beheld.  Andy clutched the mystical sword of power, the Raptolier, which no man could wield, save the Foretold One.  Could it be?  Yes, it was.  The Unbinding was at hand, but humanity's last hope now shone out in the form of this young man.

I have the power!

"From this moment, you are Andy no longer.  You are Andronicus, Emperor of Earth," Dave told him.  Dave explained to Andy the prophecies and further revealed himself to be the Dossey, sole representative of his Order here in our realm.  "Now that you have revealed yourself," he explained, "the dark powers will be drawn to you.  We must flee."  But Andronicus refused.

Instead, Andronicus fully embraced his destiny, and started right then and there the Last Empire of Man.  "This will be a day long remembered," Emperor Andy proclaimed.

Andronicus appointed his first crew of specially chosen subordinates Ė Security Chief Caraptor, Necktie Tier LeTrent, Operations Chief Doyle, Political Officer Spitler, and Reptilian Forces Supervisor Sanderson.

Hiss, ya'll.

Caraptor subjected himself to genetic experimentation and was formed into the ultimate fighting machine - the half-human, half-velociraptor - a complete creature of destruction.



Influencing people and events from another dimension, the Veranda (as it is called in the Earth-tongue) attempted to gain entrance into our universe.  According to the prophecy, possession of Earth Realm would render the Key to Heaven, allowing the Veranda to invade and conquer the divine realm.

The Veranda worked its will primarily through twisted, evil botanist Vernon Vino in a vain attempt to hold the Earth under its green thumb.

The Dossey managed to use the Veranda's own magical technology against it, and pulled the Temple of the Dossai into Earth Realm.  The Temple blocked the dimensional crossroads that centered on the Creek.

With the Temple firmly in place, the Veranda was unable to breach Earth realm.  Their defeat seemed sound.


Slippery Slope

The Empire felt prosperity and growth until the misplaced loyalties of the concubines allowed rumor, innuendo, and slander to lead to a false sense of security in their faction.  The harem attempted a coup. It failed.

Caraptorís untimely demise was the result of his bravery demonstrated in defense of his Emperor. The raptor-human hybrid led his vicious Raptor Pack in hunting down the members of the mutinous harem.

Only Agent Smith, former concubine, was spared from the tortures that awaited the rest of her treacherous friends. She quickly saw the error of her ways. The generous Emperor forgave the repentant girl, but not without punishment. She was appointed as Deck Swab, and was very appreciative indeed.

After Caraptorís unfortunate doom, LeTrent was named Security Chief in his stead. Some say the promotion from Official Tier of Ties to the upper echelon of authority went to LeTrentís head.


The Veranda

The Empire reigned supreme, squelching uprising upon uprising, expanding its reach across the Great Globe.  The Veranda, overthrown when the Empire was newly formed, now worked in secret. The Temple of the Dossai was ushered into replace the Veranda in Earth realm.  Yet the Veranda Society would not have this. All the while, the Society worked to loosen the Temple's hold on Earth realm.


Three by Three

Two great evils grew in the dark places beneath the world.  Alone, neither could challenge the Mighty EMPIRE.  But united, the two nefarious syndicates formed a league of terror to rival all that came before it.

What appeared to be an initial, early, summer victory for the Empire would soon stretch out into years of conflict.  First, A resurgence of the Verandan forces struck a mighty blow in a surprise attack on the Dossaic Temple.  Next, as the second part of a coordinated battle plan, the Triumvirate Joans of Arc waged war on the Emperor and his legions, crippling their numbers.

Thus began the Dark Times.  Many, who had once sworn loyalty to the Cause, betrayed their oaths to follow false prophets.  These fools raised their weapons against their own Emperor.

The Empire fell into turmoil.  The provinces and territories became wastelands, divided among squabbling factions.  The remainder of the Imperial forces retreated to the ruins of the Temple of the Dossai in the Creek.  Their numbers were few, and their courage faltered in the Dark.


Trio of Trouble

The Knights of the Loyal Order of the Dossai never surrendered, but waged fierce guerilla warfare against the combined Verandan and Triumvirate forces.  The Dossey-Rah himself was nearly destroyed, but thankfully spared and only banished to an alternate dimension for a time.

With the Dossai out of the way, the moment for the return of the Veranda was ripe.  The Earth was laid bare, ready to be devoured.  The Joans of Arc Triumvirate captured and imprisoned Andronicus on another world.

But the Faithful Few never gave up completely.  They battled against impossible odds.

In the end, our heroes were overwhelmed when the latest incarnation of the Harem, stirred up by a clone of a clone of a clone of one of the concubines, engaged in open rebellion and took up arms against their former master.  Thus was born a greater Triumvirate, a Trifecta of Evil - combining the Emperor's Harem, the Veranda Society, and the Joans of Arc into one colossal war machine of terror.

This trifecta of triumvirates began hunting down the last remnants of the Empire. It was a Dark Time, growing blacker every day. The Empire was on the run, fighting back when and where it could.  The Imperials retreated again and regrouped.


Run like the raptor!

It is the year 2005. The treacherous Verandans have conquered the Imperial's home planet of Earth. But from secret staging grounds on Earth's moon the valiant Imperials plan to take back their homeland.

The Imperials wisely chose to return to the Empire's roots - velociraptors!  The Imperials poured their remaining resources into genetics and bioengineered a new breed of smarter, faster, sneakier dinosaur capable of complicated, surgical strikes.

With the Emperor held captive and powerless by the Triumvirate, the Imperial forces were unable to strike at the Joan of Arc.  Likewise, the Loyal Order could not directly assault the Veranda while the Dossey-Rah was in exile.

However, the brave Knights of the Loyal Order found they were able to open small, localized apertures and infiltrate the Shrine of the Arc.  Meanwhile, in a coordinated attack, the Raptor Pack unleashed saurian hell on the Veranda.

The Empire was victorious!  The foolish fiends fell once and for all.  The Emperor was freed from incarceration.


Eventually, the Empire decided to abandon Greater Buies Creek to the mindless hordes.  This Choice was the turning point in the Conflict.  While the various enemy factions squabbled over what was left of the Creek, the Empire moved to claim the rest of the countryside.


Aside from the Dark Times, the most crucial moment in Imperial history, the date that will live in infamy, the crux where Life As We Know It turned forever toward a new path ... is Unification Day.  The Emperor finally settled on one woman, took her for his wife, and made her his Empress.  Finally settling on one woman so focused the Emperor that he was able quickly make up lost time and the Empire expanded exponentially across the globe, soon coming to dominate every aspect of life on Earth.


It was a second golden age.  The Empire soon dominated the Earth once more, climbing into the starry sky and writing itself into the history books for all time.


Names changed to protect the innocent.

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