Chief of Assassins Grantham

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Bring it yo

Name:  Grantham

Function:  Chief of Assassins

Quote/Motto:  "I don't know...."

Special Abilities:
While some assassins rely on ninja like techniques and camouflage, Grantham prefers to infiltrate enemy fortifications using disguises and her cultural-adaptation skills.


Grantham originally served as Spymaster for the Emperor.  She was able to blend into any social situation, infiltrate enemy cliques under deep cover, and transmit back her findings without giving herself away.

It was in this way that when the original Chief of Assassins Rockel 1.0 was tempted by a concubine to betray the Empire, Grantham was the first to detect the disloyalty.  That day she was forever changed from a master spy to a master assassin.

While the Empire took out a classified ad for a new Spymaster, Grantham moved through the disloyal like a plow through gelatin, eliminating the seditious and replacing them with so many clones.  (Thus was grown Rockel 2.0.)

Check out the babeOh no!  It's a decoy!

Weaknesses:  Grantham has a tender heart.  She must strike quickly or her resolve will waver.

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