Interstellar Armada

Commanded by Fleet Admiral Turmel

Space Battle

No empire can be maintained through high ideas.  A powerful military and police force is necessary to instill order and maintain the peace.  And with a domain that stretched across the solar system, the Empire of Earth required an equally expansive fleet of spacecraft to patrols its borders and convey troops as needed between planets.  Thus, Emperor Andronicus ordered the creation of a mighty Imperial Armada.

Ships of the Fleet

The following are some unclassified space-faring vessels in the employ of the Empire of Earth.

Dreadnought class
Chocolate Love Stars
Flagship of the fleet
Admiral Turmel commanding

This ship alone retains its original moniker given to it by former Empress Noelle


Capital ships

When commissioned, most of the vessels are dubbed with names handpicked by Andronicus to strike fear in the enemy.

Capital Ships currently in service:

  • Assumption
  • Not Tonight
  • Indecision
  • Cold Shoulder
  • Incommunicado
  • We Need to See Other People
  • Just Friends
  • I Need Space.

The pictured type of capital ship is a supercarrier.

It is always escorted by a small "strike group" or "battle group."


Chariot Class

Space Chariots:
  • Top Banana
    personal conveyance to Andronicus
  • Toasted Marshmallow
  • Tutti-Fruitti
  • Juicy Pear

Space Chariots ferry dignitaries between space stations, moons, planets, and larger vessels.

They can separate into two sections, forward and rear, for tactical or search purposes.

Only the rear (or drive) section is capable of faster than light speed.  The forward (or command) section is more maneuverable, but can only attain sub-light speed.

Top Banana

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Stealth Ships

Stealth Boats:
  • Equipped with cloaking devices that when activated bend energy waves (including light and sensor beams) around the ship
  • Used for espionage, combat deterrent, and surprise attacks
  • Must disengage cloak to fire.
Now you see me, now you don't.


Other Known Starship Classes:

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