Getting to Know your Solar System

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One by one the Earth annexes or conquers its neighbors, adding them to ever-burgeoning sprawl that comprises the grandest Empire in our history.

Soon, every planet will fall under the dominion of Earth.  Therefore, all minions should familiarize themselves with the planets, dwarf planets, minor planets, moons, asteroids, plutoids, and other space objects in our solar system.


Location:  closest planet to the sun
Inhabitants:  Mercutians
Status:  Mining rights held by the Empire; mining colony.
Political Status: Annexed by the Empire of Earth
Points of Interest:  Home of the famous "mercury mines of Mercury."
Location:  2nd planet from the sun
Inhabitants:  Venutians
Political Status: Terraformed and colonized by the Empire
Points of interest:  Site of Las Venus, aerial resort and home of decadence and gambling
Surface is uninhabitable, but is heavily mined.  Colonized using giant, floating cities which take in and process the atmosphere to convert into breathable air.
Trivia: The current administrator of the League of Planets is a Venutian, Bring Mi-daMoon.

Location: Third Planet from the Sun, and in many ways the Center of the Universe
home to the Empire of Earth
Inhabitants: Earthlings, Earthmen, Earthen, Humans, Manlings, Terrans
Significant satellites:  one real moon (Luna) and one manmade; artificial planetary ring serves as a defensive platform and a spaceport
Note:  France is not part of the Empire

Location:  Earth orbit
Luna is Earth's only natural moon
Inhabitants:  Mooninites, Lunies
Political Status:  Luna is a protectorate and ally of Earth; whatever position or action taken by Earth, the moon does the same

Status:  While named for the Roman god of War, Mars is Neutral to a fault. Renowned for its stringent neutrality in solar system issues, constantly apologizing for any offense real or imagined.
Trivia:  Home of the League of Planets
Population Center:  Crystal City

Dwarf Planet in the Asteroid Belt.  Rumored to contain a supply of subsurface water.
Inhabitants: Ceresians; refugees
Location: Asteroid belt
Status: Ceres is in that awkward stage of development where its not quite an asteroid and it isn't yet a full fledged planet. Ceres is a dwarf planet.
In 2006, Ceres petitioned the League of Planets for recognition as a planet in order to be eligible for interplanetary aid. As a compromise effort, the League of Planets adopt the terminology "dwarf planet."

Asteroid Belt
Context:  Similar to Central and South America on 20th century Earth
Location:  between Mars and Jupiter orbitial paths
Political Status:  predominantly Mining colonies and small, startup countries

Context:  Similar to China on early 21st century Earth
Status:  engaged in the "Room Temp War" with Earth
Government:  Communist regime
has LOTS of moons, which it tightly controls
Space Department

Context:  similar to Russia on early 21st century Earth
Inhabitants:  Saturnites
Status:  Former power block, rebuilding a crumbling economy and nation
Points of interest:  has a giant storm on one of its pole
Current Ruler:  President Pooter (Lil Pooter)
History: The former Saturn Union contained Saturn and its 62 moons and its rings. Now it is a loose confederation of states. Saturn still yearns for the "good old days" and many believe she secretly plots to once again dominate its orbital neighborhood once again.
Descriptors: Saturnine, Saturnal, Saturnian
Hot Bed: The Empire placed space-missile bases on some of Saturn's moons to provide quick strike capability against Pluto. This did not set well with Saturn.

Kuiper belt
Home of the Kuiper Consortium, the Kuiper belt is the circle of dwarf planets and other objects out past Uranus and Neptune.  Pluto is part of the Kuiper belt.

Context:  Similar to Afghanistan on early 21st century Earth
  Recently liberated by the forces of Earth; expected to petition for annexation into the Empire any day now
Government:  planetary governor appointed by the Emperor
Current Ruler:  Chancellor Jack

Context:  Similar to Iraq on early 21st century Earth
Political Status: Occupied by the Empire; Operation Quagmire has been ongoing for years as the Imperials fight underway to subdue insurgents, General Kolberg commanding
Governor: Provisional Government
Climate: one planetary storm (dark spot); the fighting is the thickest in the Great Dark Spot

Context: Similar to Iran, N. Korea, Palestine of 20th century Earth
Inhabitants:  Plutonians
Status:  Rogue planet.  Member of the Non-Earthen Movement.
Classification:  dwarf planet
Government:  People's Socialist Democratic Federated Republic of Pluto
Ruler:  Leader is President for Life Glik
First Lady For Life (FLFL) Blizzspat
Nomenclature: Now trans-Neptunian object designation 134340
Religion: They worship a mountain on Pluto; they have a saying, "The mountain will not come to you, you must go to it."
Inhabitants: Plutonians are short. They have three eyes and multiple stomachs. They claim to have invented the element plutonium and the letter F.
Hot Bed: Possibly using "global warming rays" against Earth.

Context:  Similar to Israel on 20th century Earth
Location: moon of Pluto
Inhabitants:  Charonites
Status:  Petitioning for entrance into the Empire of Earth
Classification:  natural satellite
It is debatable whether Charon is a moon of Pluto or a planet to itself.
Trivia: the different sects of Charonite population differ on their pronunciation of the name of their world.
History: Pluto rejected this territorial claim and declared Charon as Plutonian property. Hostilities between Charon and Pluto have existed ever since.
Inhabitants: Charon serves as the home for a race of creatures who purport to be originally from another planet which scientists once called Planet X. Planet X is now believed by the academic community never have existed.

Nomenclature:  Formerly Xena.  Named after the Greek goddess of discord (Eris); formerly named after warrior princess (Xena).  2003 UB 313 or just UB 313Classification:  dwarf planet; plutoid
Inhabitants:  Alternately called Xenites or Erisians.  Population is entirely female.  They raid neighboring planets when it is mating season, which is not often.
History: Xena is the common name for dwarf planet Eris, a recent addition to the solar system.
Political Status: Dwarf planet. Rumor has it that the Empire is in secret talks to annex Xena as part of the Empire of Earth. The end result remains to be seen, but the acquisition of Xena would give the Earth a strategic presence in the Kuiper Belt, possibly leading to long-heralded Kuiper Beltway which would help alleviate space traffic.

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