The Dossey's Headshot

Chief Armorer
Provider of Weapons and Wisdom

Motto:  "What are they going to do?  Fire me?"

Aliases:  The Dosai, The Dossey, Dave

Formerly:  Chief Armorer

Weapon of Choice: Sword Cane or nunchuks

Power-Source: The Faith

Profile:  Dossey's past is one near-miss after another.  He lived a dangerous life, teetering across the line between legal and not-as-legal for most of his days.  One fate-filled day, either he found the Loyal Order, or they found him.  It's unclear which way it happened, but it is rumored to have involved nudity, alcohol, and a payphone.

Dossey is loyal, wise, and wily.  He speaks his mind and does as he chooses.  He cares not what others think of him.  He knows what must be done and he does it.  Dossey has seen more and done more than many of us can even imagine.  When you look into his eyes, you get the distinct impression that you can see battles he has fought, the trail of death that follows him, the pain he has suffered. 

History: Born under a star of power, Dossey-Rah was dispatched to Earth Realm to find and protect the mighty Raptolier. He didn't count on stumbling upon the prophesied Emperor.
Dossey trained the young emperor in the use of the powerful Raptolier, and began to pave the way for the destruction of the Veranda and the eventual arrival of the Loyal Order of the Dossai on Earth.

Weakness:  One of the drawbacks of inter-dimensional travel is the gradual degradation of the body's tissue over time. In an attempt to compensate for this gentle beating at the hands of the fabric of the universe, the Rah has, over the years, opted to replace several extremities and even portions of his spine with bionic implants and robotic upgrades. The first surgery earned him the pirate name Peg Toe.

Current Status:  More machine now than man.  He was last seen setting off with his queen, the Loretto-Rah, to battle the undead warriors to the North.

Dossey, up to no good

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