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Name:  Chief Nazionale

Function:  Operations Chief

Quote:  Technically, the title is Operations Chief: Chief Nazionale.  However, if you slip an apostrophe in there - Operation's Chief Nazionale - my title becomes simultaneously grammatically correct and also less verbose.  Quite unlike my motto, actually, which goes something like, uh, "When the going gets tough, the tough do the twist."

Other Names:  Operation's, Chief, Chief Chief, Yo Naz

Pirate Name:  Captain Chief McGillicutty

Ceremonial Titles:  Chieftain, Operation's Chieftain, Operations Chief: Chieftain Nazionale

Sex:  Smoke 'em if ya got 'em.

Responsibilities:  To ensure that the Empire, its colonies, territories, or other lands maintains high levels of efficiency on a broad, overreaching, overbearing, bear-snaring, wild haring, smoked herring, smoked herring in a white wine sauce scale.  Duties are included, but certainly not limited to: Tax Collection, Toll Collection, Fee Collection, Cartography, Event Coordination, Oiling, Waxing and/or Buffing the various hinges and chains that hold this delicate, delicate Empire together.

Vital Stats:
    Strength:  5
    Intelligence:  10
    Speed:  7
    Loyalty:  Square Root of -1
    Courage:  8
    Firepower:  5
    Skill:  9

Known Powers:  Flight, Invisibility, Geography

Bio:  Chief Nazionale slowly and steadily persevered through the rigorous trials of failed campaign after failed campaign, each time his selected candidate coming up just short.  Then, upon the horizon of the political scene emerged a shiny new figure, daring and bearded and determined to join the galaxy together.  Chief Nazionale studied long and hard the possibility of not only toppling the democratic regimes of his own nation, but also those of the entire planet, and then the galaxy and after all that, getting them all to love you and making you emperor?!  Could he really pull it off?  Chief Nazionale believed so and became a close adviser to the now Emperor and the rest is history.  Chief would like to thank the Emperor for being the Emperor, and also he thanks his ferret, Nibbles.

Personal History:  Classified

Weaknesses:  Snapping Turtles, Poisonous Things, Feral Beasts of the Plains

Other:  Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

Current Status:  Greasing the cogs of the mighty Empire at Operations HQ.  Oh, and then there's lox at two.

Hobbies:  Cooking and Cloning

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