Reptilian Forces Supervisor Cathey

Profile Under Construction

Name:  Mr. Cathey

Function:  Reptile Master

Quote/Motto:  "How can we have control over our mind and our hearts, yet let them manipulate us? Maybe. Just Maybe. We're not in control after all."

Other Names:  Jersey, J.C., Mr. Subtle

Sex: Male

+ Oversee genetic research, saurian breeding, and hatchery facilities
+ Command Reptilian Forces in battle
+ Train the new Dino-Riders battalions

Vital Stats:

Known Powers:
+ the only human able to ride a raptor into battle

+ Lance - retractable power lance for jousting; clips to utility belt when not in use
+ Shield - bulletproof and beam-resistant; emblazoned the crest of the Parasaurolophus; stored on back when not in use
+ Light armor - lightweight, but durable, to allow Cathey to ride velociraptor into battle; helmet design is modeled after velociraptor head to give Cathey a fierce, saurian appearance in combat


Cathey is driven to find purpose.  When inspired, he is an exceptionally capable minion and combatant.  That is perhaps why he and the Empire make such a great fit.  However, it is also his greatest weakness.  Lack of definite purpose can lead Cathey to self-doubt, a crack in the mental armor which an enemy could potentially exploit.

Personal History:

Mr. Cathey joined the ranks of the Empire midway through the Dark Times, recognizing the Dossai as a persecuted order deserving of his aid.



There is no other.

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