Keena "Buzz" Lindsay

"A stitch in time saves nine."

Function: Royal Seamstress

    - provide the Emperor with his accoutrements
    - stay on alert for conmen with invisible fabric
    - ensure that the entire Empire is dressed to impress

Vital Stats:
    Strength: 4
    Intelligence: 10
    Speed: rabbit
    Loyalty: 8
    Courage: 8
    Firepower: 2
    Skill: 10

Sex: Female

    - to sew with great charisma
    - keep up with fashion trends in and around the Empire
    - spot a missing button or a ripping seam from ten paces
    - formerly fastest seam-ripper in the West (before moving East)

Buzz is the "power behind the throne that sits to the left of Emperor." As royal seamstress, Buzz leaves a trail of yarn and chaos in her wake. Indeed, her knitting needles of death are widely feared.

Her nickname Buzz comes from a mission investigating the paranormal.  Buzz's headset made a buzzing sound whenever in close proximity to a computer monitor in the surveillance van.  This information is listed here to finally put to rest the various rumors regarding the origin of Buzz's nickname.

Personal History:
After bouncing from job to job within the Empire, including Chauffeur, Concubine, possible Advisor, and target on hitlist, Keena finally struck upon the idea that the Emperor needed some serious fashion advice. After presenting him with several renderings and patterns, she was appointed Royal Seamstress. But power corrupts and sewing power corrupts sewingly.  Buzz decided that the Emperor needed to be taken down a peg, and manufactured for His Excellency a new grand robe comprised of invisible fabric.  When the awful truth about this garment was discovered, Buzz avoided an swift destruction by marrying the Brother to the Emperor.

If you separate her from her scooter, she becomes very vulnerable to attack.

Current Location:  Christopolis

It is rumored that Buzz studies from an ancient text in hopes of acquiring the key to unlocking the lost art of seam-ripping the very strands of time and quite possibly sewing them back up again.

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