Emperor Andronicus

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"Back to work, minions."

"Approved.  Moving on."


Function:  Emperor of Earth* and all her Satellites both Natural and Artificial

Pirate name:  El Capitan

Ceremonial Title:  A candle in the wind, a corndog in the sky

Other names:  Emperor Andy, The Potentate, The Founder, The Enlightened One, The Decider, The Buck Stopper, The Great Humongous, The Dread King, Supreme Commander, The Chosen One, The Foretold One, Imperator, His Excellency

+ prepare for the Cleansing
+ entrusted with and ultimately responsible for the livelihood and welfare of the human race within our solar system
+ charged with defense of Earth realm

Vital Stats (1=lowest, 10=highest):
Strength:  7
Intelligence:  10
Speed:  9
Loyalty:  10
Courage:  7
Firepower:  8
Skill:  10

Sex:  Male

+ Only Andronicus can wield the Raptolier, the mystic sword of power that grants His Excellency command of and/or the ability to subdue velociraptors and related dinosaurs.
+ Minor psionic abilities including predictive dreaming
+ Dodge gunfire using bullet time special effects
+ Delegation
+ Assigning blame to others

BioHow does one begin to describe the Emperor?  He is at once both confounding and inspiring.  All Earth is under his sway, and yet he is often more concerned with trivial matters such as "why do black pants have white pockets?"  Andronicus draws the loyal to him like raptors to the kill.  No ruler has ever before been able to motivate and organize a world wide effort to bring order and expand the influence of Earth beyond its orbital zone...until now!

When not running the Empire, Andy visits his raptor ranch in NC.

Personal History:  coming soon

Known Weaknesses:  Tray, Blanch, and Sweetheart

Controversy:  The Emperor's own clone was at first judged a mistake.  She was red-headed and female.  But even with these two strikes against her, she somehow gained the Imperator's trust.  He trained her and she eventually became a strong contributor to the Cause.  Unfortunately, a scandal arose when Twoey, as she was called, married and bore children.  Under Imperial law, it is illegal for clones to marry or reproduce.  An obvious act of defiance at such a high level was bound to attract attention.  Fearing for the lives of herself and her new family, the First Clone escaped into exile among the planets, hidden for now from any possible retribution.


* except France

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